Guests at le foyer...

...are permanent or just passing through.

Here are the ones who currently work and explore regularly at the studio.

Bellydance - Erika Rascha

Learn the floating elegance and earthy rhythms of oriental bellydance from Erika Rascha's extensive treasure chest of decades of experience. 

She has not only put up performances with her school but also given oriental coooking workshops, drum workshops and built a semi-professional ensemble of bellydance performing to live drums.

Gardetanz - Braunschweiger Narrenzunft Uerdingen

All year round this energetic bunch of kids trains hard to perfect the spritz and pizzazz of the special showdance performed during German carnaval season.

In Germany there are four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. In German culture, there are five, as carnaval gets its very own season.

In this course cultural heritage is being passed on and lived to the fullest.

Ballet Coaching - Jessica Larbig

With almost twenty years of experience dancing in big, medium and small ballet companies, training with many different ballet masters and mistresses, Jessica passes on her knowledge to those who wish to further deepen their understanding of classical ballet technique.

60min-slots of private coaching can be booked most evenings or according to the agreement.

your course?

If you wish to use the space to teach your own class, rehearse regularly with your group or give a one-time open class, contact us now!