Sören M. Niewelt

- choreographer

Born in Germany in 1981, Sören M. Niewelt started his education at Hamburg Ballet School under John Neumeier and completed his studies in 1999 at the Australian Ballet School.

He was taken on by the Australian Ballet before returning to Germany and joining the Ballet Braunschweig. With the newly won insight into modern choreographies, Niewelt focused once more on the classical repertoire and joined Ballet Ireland, where he was promoted to soloist during the Swan Lake season.

His journey further led him to Brazil where he held soloist positions in ballet as well as contemporary companies such as Cisne Negro, Companhia de Dance de Sao Paulo and Ballet Stagium.

Due to an injury, he was forced to retire from stage by the age of 27 and focused on the work with students at Ballet Carla Perotti, choreographing for the junior ballet company and competitions.

Looking for work closer related to mature artists, he took on a guest ballet master position with Ballet Giessen in 2010, before joining Singapore Ballet as an assistant ballet master.

At Singapore Ballet he met Jessica Larbig, then dancing in the corps de ballet.  When Niewelt decided to return to Germany in 2012, focussing on choreographing, Larbig followed him and has been part of his then newly founded ballet ensemble JSLN Dance Company ever since. Being his muse, she heavily inspired and influenced his S-Line technique and choreographic neoclassical style.

Niewelt continuously develops his work further, finding his voice most in neoclassical ballet to baroque music, but always looking for new challenges in restaging classical repertoire or working with pop- or folkmusic.

Initially Niewelt draws inspiration from the first few notes of a piece of music; from there on the movement starts flowing and is developed in close relation with his dancers and their bodies.

Niewelt likes to describe his works as 'music made visible'.


Photo: Bernie Ng

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